SIHOGLIC: The Life & Times of Charles Babbage

RadioFreeHPC Studios Presents

Slightly Inaccurate History of Great Leaps in Computing (SIHOGLIC)

Edition One

In this groundbreaking production, RadioFreeHPC Studios reenacts dramatic moments in the life of computing genius Charles Babbage. We breath life into his early days, his many battles and his Babbage-worthy achievements.

We can honestly say, without hyperbole, that this is the finest podcast theater treatment of a computing pioneers’ life. Ever. Just read the reviews:

“We laughed until we stopped”  – Natural Science Online

“I could clearly hear voices and things…” – Fluid Dynamics Theater Reviews

“It wasn’t all that long…”  – LINPACK News & Reviews

“The acting!” – Play Reviews

“The acting was skillful, the writing brilliant, the overall production gets two big thumbs up!” – Pay & Play Re-Reviews

The Cast:

Shahin Khan:  Narrator

Dan Olds:  Babbage senior, Charles Babbage, Advertiser

Jessi Lanum:  Babbage mother, Disgruntled student, Advertiser, Town crier

“Special guest star”:  Henry Newman, as Henry Newman

Written by Dan Olds, Jessi Lanum, with honorable mention to Shahin Khan and “special guest star” writer Henry Newman, who read it once.

Produced by Dan Olds

Special criticism by Shahin Khan

Join us for this groundbreaking podcast and revel in the rich texture that is Charles Babbage’s life story. Enjoy!

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