RFHPC169: Recapping SC17 in Denver

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team describes the highlights of SC17 in Denver. Highlights includes the debut of ARM hardware for HPC, a Rasberry Pie Cluster, and pervasive liquid cooling.
Other highlights include:

  • Posit Research was there at the Innovation Showcase with an all-new company working to proliferate Unum based computing invented by John Gustafson from A*STAR in Singapore.
  • New high performance interconnects are proliferating with PCIe technologies, Gen-Z, etc.
  • The Student Cluster LINPACK record was smashed this year with 51.8 Teraflops. Nanyang University achieved this record number with the new NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

Shahin noted that there was a good number of exhibits centering around quantum computing.
After that, we do our catch of the week:

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