RFHPC 45: The RONNIEE Network Architecture

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In this episode, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the newly announced RONNIEE Network Architecture from A3 Cube. Rich did a slidecast with their CTO this week, but Dan and Henry need to know more and see this thing for themselves.
Following that, the conversation veers off into a grab bag of tech news for the week:

  • Dan’s is still recovering from a rootkit that infected his business computer. We seem to recall that he was always backlogged before this happened, but we’ll let it slide.
  • This week, organizers of the International Supercomputing Conference promised better air-conditioning and WiFi for ISC’14 in Leipzig. And there was much rejoicing.
  • Henry is lamenting the lack of Google Fiber coming to Minnesota. Since Google tends to piggyback on the fastest Internet pipes, it looks like the state will forever be a third-world country in terms of bandwidth.
  • Rich is excited about the Outernet project, which hopes to launch a series of satellites that will provide free Internet connectivity worldwide to anyone who wants it.

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