RF-HPC74: Modding the Student Cluster Competition

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In this episodethe Radio Free HPC team discusses how they’d change the current Student Cluster Competitions in order to make them a more comprehensive test for aspiring HPC professionals.
Henry wants to codify rules that span all competitions in order to provide a level playing field and to satisfy his authoritarian nature. Dan isn’t so sure that would work, given that each of the sponsoring organizations have their own ideas about how to best run a competition. However, both of them believe that the competitions need to become more real world when it comes to systems, applications, and how they’re used. One of the first steps along this road, the guys agree, is to add a storage component to the competitions.
Since Rich isn’t around for this show, the boys take the opportunity to make fun of his Apple addiction and how Rich is probably all worried about bending his phone on his European jaunt.
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