New TOP500 List: Spot The Difference

Live from SC19

In this Breaking News edition of RadioFreeHPC, we look over the newly released TOP500 list in all its glory. We talk about the changes in this version of the list (100 new systems, but none in the top 24), how the major countries stack up against each other, and vendor system share.

We also discuss why this list is so, well, kind of not as exciting as we’ve got used to, and what we expect to see on future lists. There are some big things coming, but, like your birthday, they’re not here yet. In other conversation, we covered what we’ll be looking for and doing at the show. It’s a no frills episode, done quick and dirty, just how we like it.

Oh, and Henry and Dan find something to new to bet on!

“What Should I Do Next?”, You Ask?

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