FTC Blues and Optical I/O

In this episode of RadioFreeHPC, the crew talk the FTC suing NVIDIA and a webinar on Ayar Lab’s optical I/O. The webinar can be viewed at https://buff.ly/3dU8gOp. (Registration required, but it’s worth it.) RadioFreeHPC is produced by the 1980s LARP-ing Society, replacing medieval LARP-ing with nostalgic reenactments of 80s culture. Leg warmers optional. RadioFreeHPC is distributed in partnership with HPCwire.

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1 thought on “FTC Blues and Optical I/O”

  1. If I was a forward looking visionary type person, I’d say the Optical I/O topic would be talked about again next year. I.e., in a future where robots live in our homes to complete tasks; it seems to be the current consensus that the robots of the future will not have “brain” hardware, but rather a “brain link” to the Cloud Network. If that’s a true forward looking statement, it seems inevitable that Optical I/O architecture would prevail as the most efficient system

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