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And High Powered Radio Towers, too

The show starts out in the usual way with check ups on the health and happiness of our hosts. Jessi finished a 50-mile race over the weekend, which is admirable, particularly when you consider she was on foot.

With a reasonable decent segue, Dan moves the conversation to the topic of this show:  the shiny new ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) supercomputer. This new system will give them roughly 5x more compute power than their current system. The new box is an Atos BullSequana XH2000AMD fueled by high-end AMD 7742 Epyc processors, which will be the most powerful weather computer in the world. During the conversation we look at the history of ECMWF vendors, discuss the implications on weather forecasts given the power of this new system and the computational difficulties inherent in weather prediction.

Why Nobody Should Ever be Online. Ever.

This week, Henry tells us about the Microsoft 250 million customer records exposure, but it’s a head fake! Henry explains how this is actually an example of how a company should handle an exploit and how this one wasn’t very bad. The verdict? Clickbait. But still stay offline.

Catch of the Week

Jessi:  Dominos is using GPUs and AI to drive their production and make their deliveries more efficient. Very cool.

Shahin:  Pirelli is making a cyber tire that is sensor enabled and can communicate road conditions to other tires/cars via a 5G network.

Shahin dips into his net again to highlight how a fantastically ambitious man built a radio station in Ohio that went from 50 watts to 500 watts, 50k watts, and eventually to 500k watts. See the video in the link and marvel at the ambition, work, and complexity.

Henry:  From empty net to a catch that will make Shahin’s catch obsolete, Henry makes a last second save with his story about how contact lenses will give us augmented reality and let us see road temperatures better than our tires will.

Dan:  Relates his triumphant but ultimately tragic drone lessons. Henry and Dan relate how they’ve both suffered grievous injuries at the hands of a .49 Cox gas engine.

Listen in to hear the full conversation

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