Extreme Power and Cooling Efficiency

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Yes, You Can Be More Efficient!

Dan is back from way Down Under bearing intellectual gifts from the recent HPC-AI Advisory Council meeting in Perth. The RadioFree HPC team drills down on one interesting presentation focused on extracting more from power and cooling systems. Take a look at the video below and the rest of the talks at the conference.


Henry Newman’s Feel-Good Security Corner

The go-to place for why being online is just too dangerous.

Henry has good news actually.  Targeted by a usually deadly ransomware attack, a city in Massachusetts managed to restore operations without paying a dime. Nice job!  But Dan thinks this is a back-handed way of saying you should stay offline!

Ransomware attacker demanded $5.3 million from city of New Bedford, mayor says

In the video below (also linked in the heading), the mayor of New Bedford explains what happened and how the averted disaster!

Catch of the Week

Henry talks about new technology that is using carbon nanotubes to build microprocessors. Shahin says this was on the TSMC roadmap slide after you get past 7 and 5nm. It’s reassuring that the academic research is pushing to make this an industrial reality.

MIT engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

After years of tackling numerous design and manufacturing challenges, MIT researchers have built a modern microprocessor from carbon nanotube transistors, which are widely seen as a faster, greener alternative to their traditional silicon counterparts. The microprocessor, described today in the journal Nature, can be built using traditional silicon-chip fabrication processes, representing a major step toward making carbon nanotube microprocessors more practical.

Deepfakes are coming and they’re coming fast. Shahin talks about the Chinese phone app, Zao,  that went viral before getting banned for reportedly data privacy issues. It takes a headshot and works it into a video clip. It does a very convincing job according to the samples that people have put on social media. Now, imagine what the real bad guys or so-inclined organizations can do with more resources.  He also references an NPR article that discussed the impending impact of Deep Fakes on elections with pretty much no solution in sight. Serious problem.

A face-swapping app takes off in China, making AI-powered deepfakes for everyone

It’s as easy as using a photo filter on Instagram or Snapchat, but it also demonstrates the remarkable power of advances in artificial intelligence to make fake videos.

What You Need To Know About Fake Video, Audio And The 2020 Election

Security experts have warned about the prospect of a new era of high quality faked video or audio, which some commentators worry could have deeply corrosive effects on U.S. democracy. Here’s what you need to know.

Dan talks about the new experience he had during a 12 hour layover at the Perth airport in Australia. He decided to use the shower facilities. Generally a good experience but he has some pointers for you.

Listen in to hear the full conversation.

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