Debate: The End of Open Source

In this episode of RadioFreeHPC, Henry and Shahin debate the end of open-source due to software vulnerabilities in a format-breaking episode. The honorable Dan Olds acts as moderator. RadioFreeHPC is brought to you by the new movie “Unbelievable” where a HPC storage specialist catches the attention, and then the heart, of a passionate French fashion model. RadioFreeHPC is distributed in partnership with HPCwire.

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2 thoughts on “Debate: The End of Open Source”

  1. Just wondering: at a few points, folks refer to “the article.” Which article is that–specifically, what URL? From the Python references, I’m guessing ‘Supply Chain Flaws Found in Python Package Repository’ @ eSecurity Planet[1], but that’s just a guess.

    [1] I’d cite the URL for that Jeff Burt article, but RFHPC is on WordPress. Years of experience with WP sites convince me that its default comment-handling code defaults to trashing any incoming comment that contains a link, and I’d like to get an answer.

  2. BTW, good piece tho necessarily waaaay thin. My main criticism is, Shahin–who as usual was Correct On The Issues(tm)–was much too nice: e.g., he should have totally trashed Henry on the liability matter. I would have said something like,

    “Henry, have you actually *read* a EULA lately? The last one I was forced to accept was 23 pages long (printed on billboard-sized sheets, with 4-pt font and negative margins), ending with the declarations that (1) the vendor was responsible solely for accepting payment and absolutely *nothing* else, and (2) in the event of a dispute, the only valid venue would be on an asteroid *after* it had crashed into the vendor’s home-office zipcode.”

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