AMD Victory Lap

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AMD Victory Lap

AMD mojo continues as it pushes Moore’s law one more time. RadioFree looks into the AMD Rome CPU, a beast that brings back the glory days of Opteron and establishes itself as the chip to have, and establishes AMD as the company to beat.

New Segment: Henry Newman’s Feel-Good Security Corner

Henry typically looks out for you by tracking the week’s most interesting cybersecurity stories. This calls for a new segment on the show. Shahin thinks Henry has deftly branded his “Catch of the Week” and getting himself off the hook for that segment. Certainly looks like it this time.

AT&T workers took $1 million in bribes to unlock 2 million phones, DOJ says

An indictment alleges that “Fahd recruited and paid AT&T insiders to use their computer credentials and access to disable AT&T’s proprietary locking software that prevented ineligible phones from being removed from AT&T’s network,” a DOJ announcement yesterday said.

Catch of the Week


Shahin wants you to check out a cool event and the excellent talks that are posted. This is the meeting on the future of computing held by the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program: “among the oldest and largest of formal Federal programs that coordinate the activities of multiple agencies to tackle multidisciplinary, multitechnology, and multisector R&D needs. The 24 NITRD member agencies now invest approximately $5 billion annually in R&D programs that identify, develop, and transition to practical use the advanced networking and IT capabilities needed by the Federal Government and the Nation.”

Future Computing Community of Interest Meeting, August 5-6, 2019, NITRD NCO

Goal: The Future Computing (FC) Community of Interest Meeting will explore the computing landscape for the coming decade and beyond, along with emerging and future application drivers, to inform agencies and to identify potential opportunities as well as gaps. It will also examine new software concepts needed for the effective use of advances that come with the future computing systems to ensure that the federal government is poised to respond to unanticipated challenges and opportunities.


Dan’s Catch of the Week is “Rant of the Week” as he complains about the complexity of creating a professional web site. Shahin agrees. Henry is not so sure but then he hasn’t tried it himself yet. 30 years after the web was created, the complexity of using it for anything with reasonable complexity is still so cumbersome. What’s up with that?

Listen in to hear the full conversation.

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