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RadioFreeHPC Celebrates a Number in its Prime

Welcome to a historic milestone:  Our 251st Radio Free HPC episode! We’re celebrating 251 rather than 250 for a couple of reasons. First, everyone celebrates round numbers and that’s boring. And 251 is round enough for those who crave them. Second, 251 is a prime number and we all love us some prime numbers, right?

This is not quite a “highlights” show, but a look back at how RadioFreeHPC came about, who came up with the name RadioFreeHPC, how the show has evolved, a bit of “remember when”, a few notable episodes, and the meteoric rise of its listenership!

We discuss the early days, with each of us sharing some of our favorite moments. As the episode continues, we talk about how particular features have become part of the show over time, like “Catch of the Week”, “Henry Newman’s Why No One Should Ever Be Online. Ever”, and the semi-occasional “Why AI Is Our Doom” from Dan.

Here are a couple of choice pictures both of which link to the same holiday special that includes a video where Dan and Henry discuss the ideal gift for Henry!

Did You Say Prizes?

We also discuss fantastic prizes for anyone who has listened to all 251 of our episodes. Reach out to us on Twitter (@Radiofreehpc) or via email to let us know if you qualify and what prize you’d like. Oh, and you have to listen to this episode to learn what the prizes are.

Thank you our listeners, we could do it without you – we have, we must have – but it’s totally no fun if we actually know about it.

Here’s to the next so many episodes. We need another number in its prime to celebrate, so feel free to propose a good one.

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