Radio Free HPC: Cerebras, EPCC and Chippewa Falls Remodel

Radio Free HPC:  Cerebras, EPCC and Chippewa Falls Remodel

We have a full crew for this wide-ranging episode of RFHPC. We start with a discussion of the new Cerebras and HPE based supercomputer slated for the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center in, well, Edinburgh. We talk some feeds and speeds for the new boxes, particularly about the 400,000 core wafer Cerebras box, along with some of the workloads that will be run on it. Jessi is particularly pleased that the humanities will be getting some time on the machine to look at ancient languages.

The crew also spends some time talking about the upcoming $22 million remodel of HPE’s Chippewa Falls manufacturing campus.

Henry Newman’s Reasons Why No One Should Ever Be Online. Ever: He has one, and as usual, it’s not a good thing for us.

Catch of the Week:

Jessi:  New phishing attacks use good old Morse code to exploit enterprises.

Shahin:  Intel teases Ponte Vecchio XE-HPC processor.

Henry:  Midwest ISP warns ‘excessive’ uploaders that network can’t handle heavy usage even if users don’t exceed data cap.

Dan:  Ransomware victim neglects to fix vulnerability and, guess what? They got ransomed again!

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