HPC Market Eyes $44B in 5 Years

HPC Market Eyes $44B New report from Hyperion Research has the HPC+AI market growing to $44B, with a B, in 5 years. The industry is hitting on all cylinders, benefiting from The ExaScale race, AI coming to the enterprise only to find that it needs, or really is, HPC, depending on your point of view,… Read More »HPC Market Eyes $44B…

ExaScale is a 4-way Competition

ExaScale is a 4-way Competition In this post-ISC show, the RadioFree team discusses Magical cooling technology from Europe. Dan goes over magic beads that draw heat away and can carry-on doing it pretty much forever in a technology from the venerable Fraunhofer Institute and showcased by Lenovo. How pursuit of ExaScale computing is turning into… Read More »ExaScale is a 4-way…

Why did HPE buy Cray?

Why did HPE buy Cray? The RFHPC team tackles the HPE-Cray acquisition as it reviews the companies’ recent moves and strengths and market conditions in the context of: the 5-tier data center application architecture: Embedded, Mobile, Desktop, On-premises, Off-premises the emergence of AI as a must-do enterprise app, and increasing commonality between supercomputers and enterprise… Read More »Why did HPE buy…

Quantum Computing and HPC

Quantum Computing and HPC Another scintillating and insightful episode of RFHPC is about Quantum Computing and HPC and how the two spaces are evolving and cooperating. We welcome a a distinguished guest with a most suitable background to talk to us about HPC and Quantum Computing. Mike Booth,  who’s been in supercomputing since 1979 including… Read More »Quantum Computing and HPC

TOP500 Jun2019, Facebook Coin

The new TOP500 list of most powerful supercomputers is out and we do our usual quick analysis. Not much changed in the TOP10 but a lot is changing further down the list. Here is a quick take: There are 65 new entries in 2019. US science is receiving support via DOE sites and academic sites like TACC.… Read More »TOP500 Jun2019, Facebook Coin

Forty+ different AI chips

What are we going to do with 40+ different AI chips? This week, the team looks at AI chips again, this time motivated by an article in EE Times about once such chip, Graphcore, and touts it as “the most complex processor” ever at some 20 billion transistors. The VC-backed company out of Bristol, UK is… Read More »Forty+ different AI chips

Amdahl's Law and GPUs, Asian Student Cluster Competition

Results of the Asian Student Cluster Competition In this episode, Dan has just come back from China and reviews the results of the Asian Student Cluster Competition and HPC workshop. For the first time, a non-mainland-Chinese team wins the top spot. Taiwan takes the gold in part by their stellar performance in HPCG benchmark where… Read More »Amdahl's Law and GPUs,…

In-Memory, Caching, Persistence

Asian Student Cluster Competition The ever-popular “calendar segment” is back (yes, that is us being sarcastic) as Dan describes his upcoming trip to Dalian, China for the Asian Student Cluster competition. 20 teams are expected to compete, mostly from mainland China, but also from Europe, South America and other parts of Asia. All of them… Read More »In-Memory, Caching, Persistence

Black Hole Seen, with Data to Match

Here’s this week’s synopsis. Black Holes Visualized The news of the cool visualization of an actual black hole leads to interesting issues in HPC land. Shahin is at pains to give credit where it is due while considering it as an achievement in data visualization not unlike many others before it. Yes, it’s about a… Read More »Black Hole Seen, with…

Enterprises go HPC, Chips go Open Source, China goes for the top spot

We continue to want to make these introductions pretty brief here but not this time, apparently! Here’s this week’s synopsis. Nvidia GTC 2019 announcements We discussed the recent GTC conference. Dan has been attending since well before it became the big and important conference that it is today. We get a quick update on what… Read More »Enterprises go HPC, Chips…