Fragile: Python, sudo, AI

How Many Episodes, Did You Say?! The show is geographically skewed today with all three hosts on the west coast. Henry is gracing Seattle with his presence, resulting in plunging coffee inventories and skyrocketing sushi prices. The first item of discussion is a problem in the scientific software world. There’s a bug in Python scripts… Read More »Fragile: Python, sudo, AI

RISC-V CEO Sees Bright Global Future for Open Source CPUs

RISC-V, Historic Passwords Revealed, End of the World We’re missing Henry S. Newman this week, who is down in Los Cruces inspecting and overseeing the construction of his new crib. Dan and Shahin discuss just how little they’d want to be the general contractor working to build Henry’s house. Henry would be deploying a set… Read More »RISC-V CEO Sees Bright…

Turing Machine is Sequential, How About a Parallel Machine?

Solving Exponential Problems in Polynomial Time Pretty much all of computing rests on the strong foundation of the Turing Machine, a general purpose formulation of computing which happens to be very sequential. It transfers that attribute to the Von Neumann architecture that manifests it and leads to the famous Von Neumann bottleneck. It would be… Read More »Turing Machine is Sequential,…

Quantum Supremacy? Yes and No!

Quantum Supremacy Is and Is Not How quantum is that?! The RadioFreeHPC team discusses the Google/NASA paper, titled “Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor”, that was published and then unpublished. But it’s the internet and everything is a “digital tattoo”, so there are copies out there (see below). The paper, right in its title, and… Read More »Quantum Supremacy? Yes and…

FinTech and HPC-AI

@RadioFreeHPC Has Entered The Building First things first, you can call us @RadioFreeHPC now, thanks to our new Twitter account. We decided maybe this social media thing is not a fad after all. We are also pleased to inform you that our Twitter account is almost as heavily followed as the podcast itself. Thank you!… Read More »FinTech and HPC-AI

RFP Pro Tips

The Dos and Donts of RFP Benchmarks In today’s show we only have Dan and Henry on deck, Shahin is away at the “HPC and AI on Wall Street” event where he’ll be hosting various panel discussions. But Dan and Henry soldier on with a discussion based on a recent, and fascinating, presentation by Tricia… Read More »RFP Pro Tips

Extreme Power and Cooling Efficiency

Yes, You Can Be More Efficient! Dan is back from way Down Under bearing intellectual gifts from the recent HPC-AI Advisory Council meeting in Perth. The RadioFree HPC team drills down on one interesting presentation focused on extracting more from power and cooling systems. Take a look at the video below and the rest of… Read More »Extreme Power and Cooling…

IO500 Team Visit

IO500 Benchmark Gets Traction Storage is complicated and benchmarking it has too many complexities for the traditional kernel-like or application-specific approaches. Thanks to a few experienced and tenacious researchers, and the community that supports them, the IO500 has managed to put a credible stake in the ground, and is getting traction, with 101 entries on… Read More »IO500 Team Visit

The Hottest of Hot Chips Conference

The 31st Hot Chips Conference Shahin reports from the Hot Chips conference with Henry and new guest Glenn Heinle, a veteran of AI, HPC, and Storage worlds and currently at Keeper Tech. The team discusses and debates the highlights of the conference and the hottest of the Hot Chips. Here are a few notes and… Read More »The Hottest of Hot…

Coral is Cray for All

Cray Pulls an Exascale Hat Trick Guess who’s having a great year? Think Aurora, Frontier, and El Capitan. Cray has put some nice numbers on the accounts receivable ledger, and these are not ordinary numbers. The Exascale era is being defined substantially by the DOE Coral program and the commercial markets are watching as their… Read More »Coral is Cray for…