Slingshotting to Exascale, It’s Hot!

At the top of this episode, Henry notes that the temperature in his city will be touching -15F, which is plenty cold. However, it’s very good overclocking weather as Dan and Shahin point out. Not quite quantum weather, unfortunately. Cray Slingshot Interconnect We quickly get to the main topic of the day, an examination of… Read More »Slingshotting to Exascale, It’s…


The show starts with our traditional lull, which always follows our initial introductions – when no one knows who should speak first, or prefer not to. However, we quickly regain our footing and get to the major topic of the day:  the coronavirus or COVID-19 as the doctors have dubbed it. Shahin started out the… Read More »Coronavirus

Faster Weather, Pizza, Tires

And High Powered Radio Towers, too The show starts out in the usual way with check ups on the health and happiness of our hosts. Jessi finished a 50-mile race over the weekend, which is admirable, particularly when you consider she was on foot. With a reasonable decent segue, Dan moves the conversation to the… Read More »Faster Weather, Pizza, Tires

ZFS, AI for System Design, Power in GCE

Surprise! It’s Snowing in Minnesota The show starts on a combative note with Henry refusing to discuss how much snow is arrayed around his house. Dan shares his dream running a snowblower and Henry offers up his house but doesn’t offer airfare, which, assumedly, would be a deal breaker for the ever-cheap Dan Olds. ZFS… Read More »ZFS, AI for System…

2020 Predictions, Get it?!

Shiny Crystal Ball It’s our first episode of 2020, yay! The first that was recorded in 2020 anyway.  It’s a predictable 20/20 joke (more of a meh comment really) but the topic today is… PREDICTIONS. More specifically, it’s our predictions of what’s going to happen in the next year. We may not always be correct,… Read More »2020 Predictions, Get it?!

Quantum, Quantum, Quantum

This episode was recorded back in 2019 but then the holiday episode had to go out during holidays and cut in line, messing up the cogs of the well-oiled machine that is the RFHPC production process. Regardless, the episode starts out with Henry being cranky. It also ends with Henry being cranky. But between those… Read More »Quantum, Quantum, Quantum

2019 Holiday Episode (video): Family Dinner at RFHPC

It’s become a tradition at RadioFreeHPC to celebrate the holidays with a video of the holiday episode. The new logo launches the video: celebrating a truly family style dinner and dreaming big (maybe too creatively, however) as the team exchanges “if-only” gifts! Here’s the Director’s Cut version of the video:   And the edited audio-only,… Read More »2019 Holiday Episode (video):…

South Africa CHPC National Conference

SA Students Get Ready to take ISC by Storm Probably 15% more scintillating than usual, Dan promises as he calls this episode “fantastic”! Now a 5-day conference with two days of workshops as book-ends, multiple tracks and many speakers, and yes, a very exciting Student Cluster Competition, the CHPC National Conference has developed into a… Read More »South Africa CHPC National…

SC19: Our Visit to the State Fair

SC19 Postview Our show today is all about what we saw at the “State Fair for Nerds” that is SC19. Where there weren’t any livestock shows or supercomputers carved out of butter, there was a lot to see and hear. Shahin talks about the European Processor Initiative and conversations that he had with folks from… Read More »SC19: Our Visit to…

SC19 Student Cluster Competition – Recap

 SC19 Student Cluster Round Up The show starts in the usual way, with Henry complaining about snow and us laughing at him. Our special guest, student clusterer extraordinaire Jessi Lanum, complains about recording again with Henry in a definite shot across his bow, to everyone’s amusement. The group discusses their annual SC19 dinner and the… Read More »SC19 Student Cluster Competition…